How I manifested a trip of a lifetime!

Disclaimer – this content is may be Woo Woo

I wanted to share my story with you on how I manifested the trip of a lifetime! The truth is I've been able to manifest my desires in the past. However, it's always been a mix of different formulas like The Secret - visualizing everyday and staying positive. I realize now that there is so much more to it after going through #tobemagnetic workshops and analyzing what works and what doesn’t for me.

 So here's a breakdown on how I manifested my dream of travelling across the US for a year (which I'm currently on right now) using this formula:

 1. Expanders – seeing is believing

  • My first expander was my cousin Felipe. He backpacked for 3 years with a few thousand dollars in his bank account. He inspired me to dream big. If he did it, so could I.

  • I started following Vanlife and RV life accounts on Instagram to the point that 70% of my feed was van renovations and traveling on the road. This helped me expand my beliefs.

  • In 2017 my mother and stepfather bought an RV (a fancy one) to travel across the United States. Their goal was to find somewhere they would like to retire. They travelled for a year and loved every second of it! This was the ultimate expanding experience for me. We asked them questions  such as, where they’ve been, on the road living tips.

2. Trust in the Universe

So I made a list…

  • I wanted to find an RV for $2000 CAD

  • I wanted to have a nice interior layout (the interior designer in me)

  • Low millage - around 60 000 miles

  • Travel across the US for a minimum of 6 months

  • Visit the west coast

  • Stay a month in Portland area

 Just a few from my list directly related to the RV trip.

Believe that you will do this. Believe that you are worthy and deserving of this experience. Let it shake you to the very core. David and I would openly tell our friends, strangers and family that we will be leaving one day for a yearlong trip. To others it probably sounded crazy, but we did it.

3. “Fuck you fund”

Where you tell the world to f*ck off and follow your dreams.

I saved the money from our wedding (this past July) to fund the start of the trip and purchase the RV. 

What i’ve manifested

After searching on craigslist and visiting multiple RV and converted vans that were all around $10 000 to $15 000 and all around 160 000 miles, my husband's brother sent us a link for a 1977 Winnebago , 68 000 miles for $1800. We asked him to check it out for us, but deep down I knew this was the one. His brother checked it out and bought it for us on the spot. My husband's dad decided to put in $1000 USD on the purchase as a wedding gift! We bought it without even looking at it in person! I’m not even joking.

Prior to this, I told myself that I needed to have 3 years minimum of work experience in my career, so that if I wanted to work somewhere else in the future I wouldn't have to start as a Junior Designer position. Well guess what! August 2018 was my 3rd year working at Imperatori Design and Dave and I left in end of October 2018! 

A side note

This dream of ours has been about 3-5 years in the making. David and I openly talk about our dreams and goals and find ways to align ourselves so we can move forward together, but always on our own paths. For example, I wanted to travel for a year somewhere I’ve never been before and he wanted to travel the across the United States.

It wasn’t always that way. There was a learning curve, trying to figure out what we wanted and what life has to offer. Our urge to travel was so strong that we were ready to go into it blindly.  For example, in 2014 our best friend Kevin was in Shenzhen, China, so the plan was once I graduated from Ryerson we could start our travels in China with our friend Kevin and make our way to the Philippines, Indonesia, etc… I had no money and no work experience in my field. Looking back at it now, I was lost. Some people may say that traveling is a form of escapism and that might be true. But it’s the moments that you are lost where you find more of you.

I hope that this may resonates with you. We are just two regular peeps trying to figure out this game called life. We only hope to inspire others and in turn be inspired by you! We would love to hear what you’ve manifested or if your currently trying to manifest.

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