Heading Westward

We began our 750 mile journey westward

Suwannee State Park

Suwannee State Park

 When we left Disney, we found a state park right off the 10 West. Suwannee state park, which by the way was beautiful. We stayed there for a week hiking everyday and enjoying the peaceful surroundings. The water there was brown due to the limestone the water ran over and there were tons of springs just bubbling out of the ground. A cool sight was seeing the wood peckers. They were so freaking pretty!

 On our way out of the park, we decided that we wouldn't be staying in anymore southern states. I had already seen Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. We made the decision to just drive straight to Texas where we could hang out on the beach and boondock for a while. So we began our 750 mile journey westward.

We stopped once to sleep along the way at the rest stop after a super long bridge in Louisiana/Mississippi. We arrived sort of late and didn’t do much in terms of relaxing. We went right to sleep. It was a nice rest area because they serve free coffee, which we didn’t get because like 3 tour buses showed up so we made our own, and they seperate the trucks from the rest of the area by like a ¼ of a mile. That morning we were energized and ready to go after I made some hot coffee on the stove. I remember that night it got so cold, that I had to go turn on the furnace at 3am in the morning. Sliding out of bed, looking for something to wear, all while I still had sleep in my eyes, are all too much for so early in the morning.

 When we continued our journey west, we stopped only to get gas and food. On the way, we saw all the cars pulling over to one side of the highway so we quickly got over. There was a guy driving, no speeding, the wrong way on the highway in the left lane being chased by several police cars. I thought to myself, “Man I wish I could have done something”, but when I think back on it I remember seeing other people in the car with him, maybe his family. I just hope everyone was alright.

 Getting to Texas was a long long haul. The endless droning of the highway and the engine, a multitude of podcasts, and big trucks basically trying to blow you off the road becomes just a monotonous brain killing time to endure. Nevertheless, I managed to keep my wits about me and keep us safe.

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