Traveling from Georgia To Florida

 The time was finally upon us. We had been staying with Family in the States for months while we were renovating the Hillbilly Hilton, so we didn’t feel the pressures of being on our own yet. Of course, we had been living in apartments together for years and were adept at being with each other… only now we were moving into a much smaller space and we were going to be totally on our own.

 We were feeling the stress when we finally passed Atlanta. (Last time we tried to leave, our wheel came off and we wound up right back where we started at my sister’s house where we had to have the Hillbilly Hilton repaired.) We passed Atlanta at about 6am to avoid the “Bad Traffic” everyone was telling us about. Once we got to Macon Georgia, we had to pull over and rest. We had only been on the road for about 4 hours but getting up that early had us exhausted. We got back to driving at around 10am and drove straight to Florida. As soon as we crossed the State line we pulled over at a rest stop for the night and boy let me tell ya, I hate rest stops. Truckers leave their trucks on all night and it’s almost impossible to sleep next to them. Now we just cheat and head over to the car section of the area.

 We woke up the next day with full intentions to enjoy the surf and beach in Jacksonville, but when we tried to book a spot to stay at and most places reported they were completely booked  for months in advance. Our whole plan was to go to Florida and surf a bit before going to Disneyland but there was no way we were willing to pay 100$ a night for a spot in Jacksonville unless it came with daily massages, pedicures, and a buffet. So we settled for a camping spot just north of Orlando called Lake Monroe Park. It was a really nice place where we got to stretch our legs on a hiking platform that crosses the swamp, to check out the lake, and be in a semi private camp spot where there were only a few kids that swarmed us when we walked outside of the RV. It was a little too close to the highways 400 and 17 though. So not as peaceful as we wanted it to be.

 We left there and found a RV park a little closer to Orlando. It was called Lost Lake RV. We phoned ahead of time and asked for a spot. The lady that answered was nice and said there was no problem with out 1977 RV. So we paid for the spot and came by and got out information from the front desk. It was while we were looking for our designated spot that we ran into the owner who was super rude. He said our RV was too old, he should fire the girl at the front desk, and he took away our spot and gave another one because he had to “Hide us from his wife.” The people were nice and the place was clean, but too populated for us.

 Now we had experience staying at a rest area, a campground, and a RV park. Our next stop was Disneyland!!

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