Texas to New Mexico to Colorado

It was time to leave big ol’ Texas and its beaches. We had a lot of fun in the water and exploring the small town of Bolivar Peninsula. We wanted to check out the national park that the doctor in the ER recommended to us, Enchanted Rock, the small town Fredericksburg, then continue on our way across Texas to see the Prada installation, and finally start our journey north.

It was pretty hard to decide between going to Arizona or to New Mexico. I took a couple of days figuring out routes through the mountains in New Mexico and into Colorado or going into Arizona and then deciding what to do from there. I knew we were going to the Grand Canyon in June, so I found that heading North to Colorado from Van Horn Texas would give us plenty of time to check out New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah before descending south into the Grand Canyon.

New Mexico was pretty cool. That’s where we parked on public land to camp for the first time. It was out in the desert near the Guadalupe Mountains. The energy was so different than from what I’m used to. It was dry and hot but at the same time it was like my bones felt younger. We spent about 5 days out in the desert and saw no Aliens (unfortunately), but we had a plan. We wanted to go Roswell to make first contact.

Roswell was a little disappointing. We saw no real Aliens. Geez what a rip off! We did get to chat with locals and walk around the town though. It was a lovely small town with very nice people and Alien decorations. Home to the only Flying Saucer McDonalds. (McDonalds in no way is paying me for a plug here. I just thought the restaurant theme was cool.)


When we left Roswell, after we filled up our water tanks, Alessandra started trying to find some more public land to boondock on. I was able to help her and found a rather interesting one near the Colorado border, next to a river, and in the Carson National Forest. First we stopped at Pecos to see the attractions there where I received a little sign of my purpose. We walked the whole ruin and hopped back in the RV to head to our next destination. Well it got messy. Who knew our RV was able to go “ Muddin ”? We went down this dirt road right after it rained and before I knew it, I was driving in deep mud and puddles. Aly told me I had to go back but I knew if I stopped we were going to get stuck. So I kept up the speed, avoided sliding into the river (with no guard rail), avoiding huge rocks and trees, and made it to a dryer patch where we could turn around. It was like an 18 point turn on that narrow dirt road but we managed to turn around. I had to drive back over that same treacherous road in this 23 foot RV. I’m happy I kept my mouth shut about the dangers that were involved because Aly didn’t seem too phased. I’m glad she trusts me when I drive.

We high tailed it out of there and gave up on the surrounding public land to choose a campground nearby instead. We were so thankful for finding Riana Campground on the Abiquiu lake. We were perched on a cliff overlooking the iconic American landscape of a lake, two mountains forming a valley, and the sun setting over them. We spent a week there and didn’t want to leave but we knew we had some mechanical issues that needed to be addressed.


We crossed into Colorado and made a pit stop at a dispensary in a small town I can’t even recall the name. It was well worth it, because it helped make the landscape pop out to us. It was our first time seeing the snow tipped jagged mountains of the rockies. What’s always interesting is noticing how the foliage changes. I think it’s cool to see how with the elevation, the shrubs turn into trees and the air gets colder.

We decided that we would stay in Colorado Springs to get the RV worked on. We were lucky it wasn’t the transmission. we had already started coming up with a plan a and b in case it was the transmission. It was just a plate that connects it to the rest of the engine. I had to work though, so we walked a mile to the nearest Starbucks. It was in a freaking grocery store. Not the most quiet environment I was hoping for. it happened to be the day when everyone receives their food stamps, so it was very busy and loud. Thankfully the kind staff had no problem with me hogging a table or two to work at.

Making through that work day was rough. We picked up our RV at the mechanic and found an RV park nearby to stay at. I don’t like staying at RV parks because they are almost always crowded and pricey. We stayed there for 24 hours and left. We paid more for 24 hours at an RV park than we paid for a week at the campground in New Mexico.

Finally leaving that crowded city, we stopped at The Garden of the Gods. I’ve already written about that place and how disappointed I was that there were no Gods there, or a garden, but still it was a beautiful site.


Our next destination was somewhere where we thought we could stay for a while on top of a mountain on public land in Manitou Springs. We were wrong about being able to stay there because the internet was so bad (the cell reception) that I couldn’t work. That’s when I basically just picked a place on the map and drove there.

Buena Vista Colorado has been our home for the past 2 weeks. The town is so freaking awesome. It’s full of hikers, bikers, climbers, kayakers, and just general outdoor lovers. We were near hiking trails, mountains, and an ice cold river. It snowed on us last week and we were the only ones crazy enough to stay out here. We have a furnace and solar power. It’s so beautiful here, that I didn’t even mind clearing the panels of ice and snow three times a day for 3 days. Yeah, we are lucky to have found this little gem.

CO_08_Buena Vista.jpg

Ok, I could write on forever but we have to go fill up our water tanks. Until next time folks and thank you for reading!

~ Dave