Our First National Park

Enchanted Rock and Fredericksburg

 Driving West was pretty easy. The sun isn’t shining on of your eyes and it’s cool to see the landscape change before you. The animals, plants, and cars people drive are all different. Not to mention the Cowboy hats. We drove past Austin, even though I really wanted to check it out. It looked like such a cool city. It was very developed in a small kind of way. I could tell there was money there, but it was subtle and not in your face. The economy looked great too, solely judging on the classes of cars and quality of clothes people were wearing. It didn’t take us long to get to Enchanted Rock. On the way there, we were noticing the flowers and plants on the roads we were sprouting off the interstate 10 West. I think it was there that I decided I hate the highway and would rather travel slow on the smaller roads. We pulled up to the state park as they were closing. We were going to pay entrance fees, but only after we decided if we were going to stay the night or not. So we walked back to the parking lot and forgot all about it.

 We got ready to hike to the summit of the Enchanted Rock. We brought water, some fruit, binoculars, our camera, and shades. As we were walking to the trail and we passed by a photo shoot for a sportswear brand. That’s the first time I saw something like that. This place was stunning. It was a solid pink granite rock. It looked like a giant pebble. We hiked to the top and looked back to see the Hillbilly Hilton was just a speck and was barely visible. We stayed up there for a while just looking out over the landscape in awe of the beauty. After we ate and a photo shoot or two, we began our descent. We got back to the RV, got ready to go, and realized we forgot to pay the entrance fee, so we dropped it off on our way out.

 Heading South to the town of Fredericksburg that Dr. Mat suggested, we stopped a few more times for sightseeing and photo opportunities. Driving through that town was like taking a step back in time. All the buildings were quaint, the streets had parking everywhere, and there were plenty of restaurants and bars to check out. One bar in particular caught my attention. It was called Auslander, it sounded German or Swiss, but that means good beer! Ordering was easy. I asked for a good IPA for me and a Amber Bock for Ale. We ate some fried mushrooms and chatted with the bartender. He gave us a couple of options where we could get a good breakfast the next day. After paying for the meal we decided to call it a night, but not before a stroll through town and a video chat with our friends back home. We parked the RV at the nearby Walmart and stayed the night. The next morning we woke up and went to breakfast at a place call Nury’s on Main Street. That food was so good and the service was excellent. Our waiter was a young man who was thinking about traveling. He was around the same age as I was when I first saw the ocean in Puerto Rico. Ale and I encouraged him to travel and gave him a few options on where to go. He followed us on Instagram and Facebook almost instantly. Haha, I like building real followers that we have met. I like that he is very involved in our online presence. It feels good to know that it’s not only family or long time friends that follows us on our journey. Who knows, maybe one day our paths will cross again .

Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros