remodelling the Hillbilly Hilton


remodel thoughts

It was a really tough day, the previous owner fixed the leaks on the roof by using Alumicoat, but the areas that were affected by water damage were not taken care of. The wood around the perimeter of the overhead cab was still moist - which meant we had to find the leak and fix the black spots on the ceiling from the water damage. It was sad to rip out the original vintage interior, yes you heard right, the original 1977 interior and finishes, but we had to since it was mostly rotten. Some of the wooden support for the cabover was like wet mulch. It was so bad that it literally fell apart at the touch.  

After trying to get the rest of the wall put up towards the bed area we both remember it being one of those days where you ask yourself "Are we really this crazy?" when we saw what is depicted in the pictures above, it was a sobering moment for us. We were high with dreams, hopes, and anticipations. We soon realized that this is going to be a lot harder than what we initially thought it would be.


get the creative juices flowing

Partly due to inspiration from the vanlife movements and the glam from the Gram, we had delusions as to how hard we would have to work to achieve our dream. Somehow however, we never looked back. We kept tackling our obstacles head on and moving forward. We fell into a routine where we had to focus on what needed to be done. We were doing all the renovations in Michigan in December when it was cold and snowing. This motivated us to to work hard to get everything done so we could be on our way to a warmer climate. We didn’t even know how the furnace worked, so we were cold the entire time we were working. Can you imagine being on top of your rig when it’s snowing and the wind chilling you to the bone while you’re trying to strip wires for the solar panels and connect them to lines you had to painstakingly run without gloves? Neither could we, until… we had to do it. Instagram shows you the best of the moments, we want to add some transparency to our posts just incase like us, you thought it would be all glam.



RV interior Reveal


reveal coming soon


We’ve made our space very comfortable and have decided to take a break from the interior remodel to start enjoying our travel. Am I right people?! Remodelling a single room, a van, or an RV is exhausting! We would work remotely full time during the day and then remodel after 5pm. Weekends were spent going to Lowes and Homedepot to buy supplies and work on renovating.

Side projects that we’ve put on hold - the bathroom and dining area. We would love to gut out the bathroom and I’m talking about removing and replacing the shower, the sink/vanity, adding tile, painting the walls, and switching to a composting toilet. These are projects that we will take on later down the road - maybe in a couple of months.