Who we are, how we fund our travel, and our purpose.


meet the family

David - Where am I NOT from?! I have bounced around the States and Canada since I was 12 years old. I was born and raised in Appalachia. In North Georgia. A small town called Ellijay. You can’t even see it on Google Maps if you don’t zoom in close enough to Chattanooga Tennessee. I moved to Montreal where I met Alessandra and as fate would have it, we got hitched! I enjoy writing, playing music on my guitar and harmonica. I love to go camping and chill next to a campfire with my friends. I thrive in new places and when meeting new people. It’s kind of hard to hate me, I hope :P

Alessandra - I was born and raised on the little island of Montreal in Quebec, Canada. My ethnicity is half Peruvian (mom side) and half Italian (dad side). My last name means Island in Italian and I take pride in that! I’ve been travelling since the age of 4. I got married to my best friend and soulmate this past July. Costa Rica is home to me. My dream is to one day have property or small business in Costa Rica, be surrounded by family and like minded people.

We have been ignoring that little whisper telling us to see the world for a long time. Sure we have been to Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, U.S.A, Belize, and Puerto Rico, but it was never enough. Our thirst for adventure hasn’t been quenched. Our passion for travel has never quelled. Our drive to explore has never faltered. That quiet little voice in our heart has never stopped calling to us. We needed to get out there and see why our souls were driving us to be more. That’s what this trip is about. It’s about befriending that whisper. The whispers of our spirit.


hillbilly hilton

We drive a 1977 Winnebago. We actually adopted the existing name. It’s on the back of our home on wheels. It seems like someone tried to remove the name years ago (we can tell from all the scrape marks) and upon seeing their failure and ultimate despair, we decided to just leave it be. We also asked our friends and family on Facebook with a poll between Hillbilly Hilton and The Dog (which is on the front of the car) and the overwhelming majority voted on HH!

Working on the road.jpg

how we fund our travels

Alessandra – Interior Architect. Intermidiate Designer. Currently works remotely with a designer based in Toronto. CAD technician and 2D/3D renderings (Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch up).

David – POS Technician. Works remotely with a company in Montreal. Troubleshooting networks, hardware, and software. Fulltime.

Because we work remotely from our laptops, we need a stable internet connection. Therefore, we purchased an AT&T sim card that has a grandfathered unlimited data limit plan. Those are hard to come by these days, but we found it easy enough off of Amazon and pay a monthly subscription. We just inserted the sim card into a Netgear Aircard 815S. We have unlimited internet!

We also installed 4 100Watt solar panels, a charge controller, and a battery bank that exists of 3 100ampH deep cycle marine batteries so we can have enough juice to power all of our electronics.

* feel free to follow our journey on Instgram – we would love to connect with like-minded travellers!